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Study finds ample supply of innovative apps to jumpstart consumer AR adoption

Augmented reality is poised to forever change how consumers experience the world.

From apps that control noise-canceling headphones to remove unwanted sound to shopping apps that show how a new couch would look in our living room, via apps that embed enticing videos on our child’s favorite storybook pages, consumer AR apps are here now. The study analyzes 87 consumer AR apps, and classifies them into 20 distinct categories.

You can buy the report over at Suite 48 Analytics.

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brush HACKTHEVISUAL is a collaborative endeavour to create the future of imaging and visual culture, through manifestations in technology and art. It offers a lab, narrative driven prototyping, and workshops. They travel the world to bind progressive makers and creators in the visual space to HACKTHEVISUAL.

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lightbulb Imaging Mind is an open platform for the creative collision of ideas, opinions and perspectives in the visual space. Through investigative reporting and event reports, we – as a community – collect and interpret everything within the field of visual information, communication technologies, and their impact on business and society.